The Global Growth Factors of the Organ Preservation Solutions Market

The organ preservation solutions market has been playing an important role in increasing the number of organ transplants. Basically, an organ preservation solution is a method that helps in preserving organs in a special place when they are no longer inside a human body. The preservation solutions make the organs vulnerable to the exterior environment present outside the human body. The organs that are removed from the human body are then preserved in specific preservative solutions for multifarious purposes such as development of drugs and biologics and organ transplant procedures and research and development.

Organ Preservation Solutions Market1

Now-a-days, organ preservation solutions is widely utilized for preserving different organs such as liver and kidney because it is highly capable of preserving a variety of organs unlike the solutions HBS and Perfadexs.

Browse the full report PDF with TOC : Organ Preservation Solutions Market predicted to reach USD 204.9 Million Globally in the Forecast 2013 – 2019

Major Categories in Organ Preservation Solutions

According to the global market data, the organ preservation solutions has been sectioned into nine major solutions including Viaspan, Custodiol HTK, Renograf, Hypothermosol, Perfadex, Lifor, HBS Solution, siRNA Transplant Solution and others (Ross-Marshall Citrate Solutions, Celsior Solution, Phosphate-Buffered Sucrose Solution, ET-Kyoto, TranSend, HetaFreeze, MaPersol and CryoStor).

Various Organ Preservation Techniques

Many interesting medical techniques are acquired and implemented to preserve the organs in appropriate spaces. On the basis of organ preservation techniques, the market has been segmented into three categories namely hypothermic perfusion preservation (HPP), static cold storage (SCS) and others (that include normothermic preservation and oxygen insufflation techniques). However, unlike the static cold storage (SCS) technique which does not allow any type of continuous contact of the organ with the solution, the hypothermic perfusion preservation (HPP) technique is a much viable technique to adapt. It is a machine perfusion process that maintains a continuous supply to the organs required by the solution. This helps the organs to survive properly in the duration.

Value-Drive Growth Factors of the Organ Preservation Solutions Market

Considering the diseases and disorders spread amongst a variety of people across the world, rising incidences of organ failures in the patients has stirred the maximum demand for organ preservation solutions market. The organ preservation solutions market is primarily driven by organ failures that in turn necessitate organ transplant procedures. Worldwide, there are a number of patients that are highly eager to get an organ transplant done so that they live a smooth and stress-free life. Another factor that has stimulated the demand for the organ preservation solutions market is people’s lifestyle. Today, people are more addicted to surrounding themselves with a lifestyle full of fast-food consumptions, alcohol, and smoking. The extreme use of such life-threatening factors has affected the lives of thousands of people in the world.

It is also observed that rise in geriatric population in the developed areas such as U.K and U.S has further led to a rise in the demand for organ transplant procedures. Such regions, health-conditions, and viability from the time of organ donation to transplantation aspects have essentially propelled the growth of this particular market segment.

Supplementary – Growth Contributors

The rise in per capita healthcare expense and the advancing imbursement arrangements for the organ transplant procedures in different nations such as U.S, U.K, and India are auxiliary factors that have helped in the overall growth of the organ preservation solutions market. This would enable the patients to afford the medical procedures and reduce their medical expenses, as well as provide better healthcare services.

In addition, the growth of this market will also be driven with the emergence of technologically improved products such as Lifor. Lifor is termed as a blood surrogate that will clinically prove its effectiveness in saving and preserving human and veterinary organs with utmost safety.

The global market for organ preservation solutions has been predicted to grow at a CAGR rate of 16.5% during the forecast period 2013 to 2019, with a prediction for the market revenue to reach USD 204.9 million in the same forecast period. The geographically active regions that help in the growth of the organ preservation solutions market include Europe (49.96%), North America (42.23%), Asia-Pacific (5.66%), and RoW (2.15%) for 2012 (%).


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